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Temperature control the way you want it

Whether for your office premises, retail outlet, industrial unit, school, or library – office air conditioning systems are a desirable way of regulating the ambient temperature in a way that is more cost-effective to run compared with central heating systems and a great deal cheaper to install.

Direct Air Conditioning Inverter systems provide year-round temperature-regulating solutions; enabling a reversal of the cooling process to deliver heating on-demand through use of the same technology and from a similar-sized unit. What’s more, our systems continually regulate the temperature, delivering between 40-50% of energy savings compared to standard air conditioning units.

Office air conditioning

Efficient, desirable and German-manufactured to the highest standards

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Space-saving
  • Efficient

Heat pumps offer numerous advantages as a heating and cooling solution. Compared with fossil-fuel based heating systems, external air used to provide heat leaves little residue. Cumbersome heating units can be exchanged for compact wall-mountable appliances which are remotely controlled – enabling more effective use of your available space. Air Source Heat pumps offer, on average, an efficiency gain of 3:1 compared to electrical heating systems. This means that for every heat pump energy unit consumed, in excess of 3 heat units are gained.

Comfort as you expect

  • Year-round heating reliability
  • Clean, Filtered, Dehumidified air
  • Supports well-being

Direct Air Conditioning Inverter range delivers unparalleled heating comfort, even in the coldest days of winter. Our heat pumps meet exacting requirements; with our office air conditioning units ensuring dust/pollen reduction, clean, fresh, and dehumidified air – all at the touch of a button! Engineered to the highest specifications, our products are designed to limit both draught and noise. For better well-being and improved fitness levels, enhanced air quality is proven to raise body performance and improved productivity levels. Both customers and staff alike welcome and come to expect air-conditioned shops, cafés, restaurants and offices. Direct Air Conditioning’s innovative products provide you with the leading edge in cooling/heating technology, engineering and reliability.

Why compromise with anything less?

Cellar Management – chilled to perfection

Helping to regulate the temperature in commercial or domestic beer/wine cellars. They offer reliability and durability where it matters most. Protect your produce with the system it deserves – Bergdorf’s Blue Fin Air Conditioning systems – available to order today. It makes sense to pick the right product to meet your needs – click for cellar management air conditioning model specifications.

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