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>> Optimising operational performance

>> Improving air quality for well-being and productivity

>> Extending the unit lifespan

>> Limiting the cost risk of unit damage/failure

We are so confident with our product range, in quality, style and performance – you should experience trouble-free benefits from all our appliances once installed. However, as with cars and homes – maintenance of your air conditioning system is essential to prolong the life and efficiency of your unit(s). With all our units, we offer a range of affordable packages to suit your needs.

Location of the equipment and frequency of use are key factors we consider when determining an air conditioning maintenance visit. Upon assessment of your unit, one of our specialist engineers will be able to determine what level of servicing is required to ensure optimal performance of your air conditioning system. The purpose of the visit is to help prevent costly repairs before they occur; efficiency and affordability are two of our beliefs that we want to share with you as a valued customer.

Listed below is a schedule of our typical air conditioning maintenance visit:-

  • Check and clean of coil and fins (Condensers and evaporator)
  • Check fan & fan motor (Check compressor mountings)
  • Check of all electrical connections (Check electrical heater operation and condition and check operation of any interlocks)
  • Check fuses & isolators (Test operation of isolator and protection devices)
  • Check & flush condensate drain & tray (De-scale and add water treatment if necessary)
  • Check pipe work for security & sound installation (Check air ducts, air grilles and insulation and check and test pip joints for leaks)
  • Monitor suction & liquid line temperature / pressure (Test head and suction pressures and check expansion valves)
  • Check all air filters
  • Check start and running current
  • Check unit operation, control and settings
  • Ensure unit is in a clean and tidy condition
  • Check condensation pump and sensor or float
  • Delta T across coil cooling (on/off)

For your added convenience, we will contact you around the time that your air conditioning unit requires a service – where we can arrange a suitable time to visit to fit around you.

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