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Inverter Air Source Heat Pump / Hot Water / Heating / Cool Air Conditioning

Up to 80% saving on heating and hot water cost – Now you can replace that expensive ‘old boiler’!!

Quality German brand – Not from India / Taiwan / Hong Kong / Ping Pong or Albania

Latest Inverter Technology

  • Heating / Hot Water
  • Cooling / Underfloor heating
  • Full Remote operation
  • Any combination or all of the above functions – Now you can laugh at fuel price rises and benefit from cool air conditioning all summer long!!

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Bergdorf Air Source Heat pumps – Using air conditioners to heat as well as cool.

Air source heat pumps are an integral part of Bergdorf air conditioning technology. Air source heat pumps transfer heat from one environment to another via refrigerant. In cooling mode, heat pumps transfer the heat in an enclosed area (room, industrial process) to the outside air, resulting in a cooling of the area in question. This is the role that heat pumps play in common refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Bergdorf heat pumps, however, also allow this process to be reversed. They can pump heat extracted from the outside air indoors, allowing indoor environments to be heated as well as cooled using the same technology.

Bergdorf Heat pump efficiency – The very best German brand.

Heat pumps offer numerous advantages as a heating and cooling solution. The same systems used to cool can also be used to heat, resulting in less initial investment and simplicity in operation and maintenance. They / Heat pumps also have an important advantage in the area of efficiency. Unlike fossil-fuel based heating systems, heat pumps extract available heat from the outside air. Heat pumps offer efficiency gains on the order of UP TO 5:1 and higher, compared to electrical heating. Thus for every unit of energy consumed by the heat pump, three, four or 5 or more units of heat are gained.

Heat pump Flexibility

Heat pumps in combination with inverter technology offer unparalleled indoor heating and cooling comfort. Heat pumps can extract heat energy from the outside air even on the coldest days of winter. Bergdorf heat pump systems are capable of meeting exacting industrial heating and cooling requirements as well as of providing comfortable and efficient indoor heating. This new inovative product allows for any or all the above functions independant or combined.With Bergdorf air conditioning you can create the comfort in which you feel best, with the right temperature and a comfortable humidity. Our air conditioners produce clean, healthy COOL OR WARM fresh air & water. All of this is able with neither draught nor noise.In short, air conditioning makes you feel better, more active and fit, resulting in many advantages, because he or she who feels better is more creative and productive. And who doesn’t like to be in a shop, café, restaurant or hotel with air conditioning, certainly in the summer?. This really is the leading edge in refrigeration technology, with all the reliability inherent in German innovation and engineering.

Available to buy in our eBay Shop »

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