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Computer Server Room Air Conditioning Technology
Blue Fin technology to compliment data management

21st Century SMEs rely on ever-increasing computing technology to maximise efficiency. Servers are common place and are pivotal to running costs, which are often temperamental at the best of times. As featured in this online article, the repercussions of failing to maintain a server with an affordable if not obligatory and reliable Air Conditioning system can be felt not only in financial terms but also through valuable business opportunities missed.

We recommend the Bergdorf Blue Fin unit which offers both high quality and superior performance to ensure optimal ventilation and cooling of electronic spaces. It features:-

  • Active Carbon Control
  • Low Ambient Operation
  • Air Condition (and heater) split technology
  • LED display
  • Full Remote Operation
  • Supplied complete with connecting pipe (pre lagged with connectors)

Bergdorf quick connector – added protection as standard

Allows fast, safe connection between indoor and outdoor units, saving time and cost. Our unique chemical valve seal is the only sure way to install the system reliably. It avoids the need for ‘push type’ connectors and the inherent problems with rubber seals failing, resulting in a leak free, perfect seal that will last – GUARANTEED FOR FIVE YEARS.

In the same way that you perform a regular back up to safeguard against data loss, you cannot put a value on your data where prevention is better than a cure – contact one of our representatives today to find out about availability.

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