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21st Century technology for your home as standard!

Your home is your castle, a place to relax and unwind from a hectic lifestyle. Regardless of home size; our bespoke range of air conditioning systems are designed to cater for all your heating needs. Climate-controlling units we supply work effectively with outdoor temperature tolerances ranging from -7°C up to 43°C.

Cooling and Heating Systems

Air conditioning cooling and heating systems are a desirable way of regulating the ambient temperature in a way that is more cost-effective to run compared with central heating systems and a great deal cheaper to install. The principle of air conditioning enables a rapid cooling process of an enclosed-space area through an internal/external air trading process. Standalone cooling systems work well during the summer months, however prove ineffective by their nature when the weather turns cold.

Direct Air Conditioning’s Inverter systems provide you with a year-round solution; reversing this process to deliver heating on-demand through use of the same technology and from a similar-sized unit. What’s more, our cooling and heating systems continually regulate the temperature, delivering between 40-50% of energy savings compared to standard air conditioning units.

Efficient, desirable and German-manufactured to the highest standards

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Space-saving
  • Efficient

Heat pumps offer numerous advantages as a heating and cooling solution. Compared with fossil-fuel based heating systems, external air used to provide heat leaves little residue. Your cumbersome heating unit can now be exchanged for a compact wall-mountable appliance which is remotely controlled – enabling more effective use of your available space. Heat pumps offer, on average, an efficiency gain of 3:1 compared to electrical heating systems. This means that for every heat pump energy unit consumed, in excess of 3 heat units are gained.

Comfort as you expect

  • Year-round heating reliability
  • Clean, Filtered, Dehumidified air
  • Supports well-being

Direct Air Conditioning’s Inverter range delivers unparalleled heating comfort, even in the coldest days of winter. Our heat pumps meet exacting requirements; offering dust/pollen reduction, clean, fresh, and dehumidified air – all at the touch of a button! Engineered to the highest specifications, our products are designed to limit both draught and noise. For better well-being and improved fitness levels, enhanced air quality is proven to raise body performance and improved productivity levels. Direct Air Conditioning’s innovative products provide you with the leading edge in cooling and heating technology, engineering and reliability.

Why compromise with anything less?

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