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EU sees greenhouse gas emissions fall in 2011

Initial estimates for 2011 indicate that greenhouse gas emissions are once again falling and the UK leads the way in total reductions.

Figures released by the European Environment Agency suggest that, after increases in emissions between 2009 and 2010, Europe saw a fall in emissions of -3.5 % (+/- 0.6 %) for the EU-15 and -2.5 % (+/- 0.3 %) for the EU 27. However, the greenhouse gas emissions for the new Member States (EU 12) increased by 1.5 % compared to the previous year.

Based on these 2011 estimates, total EU 15 emissions in 2011 would be 13.8% below the 1990 level and 14.1% below base year level. For EU 27, total GHG emissions in 2011 are estimated to be almost 17.5 % below 1990 emissions.

In terms of amount, the UK achieved the largest emissions reduction in 2011 of 35.9 MtCO2-equivalent compared to 2010 – a reduction of 6.1%. Germany, the largest EU economy and GHG emitter, showed an emission decrease of 1.8% or 17.2 MtCO2 equivalent in 2011 compared to 2010.

French results indicate that greenhouse gas emissions declined by 4.6 % or 24.2 Mt CO2 equivalent over the same period. Bulgaria showed the strongest increase in emissions, rising by 10.6% or 6.5MtCO2-equivalent.

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